Belief cover image: Decoy - Self Portrait by Charles Patcher (1969)

 Cover image: Decoy - Self Portrait by Charles Patcher (1969) 

An up-and-coming, very modest Muslim family in Mississauga discovers by accident their son Rafiq's involvement in a plot to bomb some public places in Toronto.  

Belief tells the story of the family's escape from Bombay to Canada following the hate-violence of 1993 in that city; their small success, epitomized by their proud ownership of a house in Mississauga; and Rafiq's attraction to fundamentalist ideas. Rafiq, it appears, has already rejected these ideas, propounded by an evil genius named Ghani Ahmed, but how does he explain the plot details found on his computer?  

Told simply, impartially, and with great understanding and empathy, this very Canadian novel describes the trauma of a Muslim family unable to understand their child's mind as they anxiously await their fate.